My research interests

I work at the intersection of analysis and geometry in non-smooth settings, in particular on mappings with non-smooth domain and/or target (e.g. quasiregular and BLD-maps), and spaces with synthetic curvature bounds (e.g. Alexandrov and RCD spaces).

My background is in Sobolev type spaces over metric measure spaceswhich I use along with metric currents and other tools from analysis on metric spaces to understand geometric and topological properties of the maps and spaces involved.

Recently I have focused on homological constraints on BLD-maps and Plateau-type problems on spaces with a quadratic isoperimetric inequality, both of which can be seen in the more general context of parametrization problems of non-smooth spaces. Energy minimization in homotopy classes of maps is a specific method to study maps and the information they transfer, but more generally I want to understand the connections (or lack of) between analysis, geometry and topology on the underlying spaces.


Causal bubbles in globally hyperbolic spacetimes, with Leonardo García-Heveling, 2022. [preprint]

Tensorization of p-weak differentiable structures, with Sylvester Eriksson-Bique and Tapio Rajala, 2022. [preprint]

Curvewise characterizations of minimal upper gradients and the construction of a Sobolev differential, with Sylvester Eriksson-Bique, 2021. [preprint]

Asymptotically mean value harmonic functions in metric measure spaces, with Tomasz Adamowicz and Antoni Kijowski, 2020. [preprint]


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